The novel will be here.

Which novel? I've spent the last six months writing it. The roots of it go back much further, back to nearly unrecognizable characters and settings from the early 1990s, and many wistful thoughts and plots in the years since, but the true work has been done in this brave time, this fertile year of 2012.

It's a fantasy novel, in that it involves a world somewhat like our own, but not enough like to be called "real." It's fantasy because there's magic--of a sort--though not the kind of magic that shatters castle walls or turns pomegranates into pumpkins. But more than that, it's a book about vital people doing interesting things: people trying to make sense of the world, fight for a better world, and perhaps most importantly, make a place to call home in a troubled time. Even if the only home they can find is in the faces of their companions.

I'll be releasing it serially, a chapter a week, in every major format I can. There will be a weekly audiobook download as well. Expect chapter one next week, the beginning of August, 2012.

--Christian D. Stiehl