I have a submission opportunity coming up with a publisher. It's a public, open-submissions thing, and I don't know what will come of it--if anything--but I don't want to miss a chance to put the novel in front of professional editors. So, I'm working hard (cranking) to get the whole text of the book in good shape. That means revising, editing, filling in gaps, etc.

I'll still be posting PDF chapters on the weekly schedule. But, since the MP3 audiobook chapters take a bit of time to record and edit, I'm going to be a little behind on those for a week or so.

As to the possibility of being accepted for publication, I'll certainly blog about it if it happens, but don't hold your breath. These things take many months. It's likely that I'll have put out the whole book before I hear back from the publisher. Which is cool, because I'm having a great time doing it in this "independent" manner as it is.

Thanks for reading, and listening, and I hope you're enjoying it, too!